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My Aunt and Uncle's beautiful flowers

My family and I took a trip to the insectarium in NOLA

So pretty!!


Layla lemons

Ahh, spring time

I hope that ya'll find this site interesting!CoolThumbs
 up My name is Miss layla lemons, and I created this site in hope that people can seek encouragement in hard times, and just have a website that does not have all the junk that the web has now....enjoy!!    Ps: be sure to say hi on the guestbookšŸ‘


Ahh spring, so beautiful and warm.... And the flowers blooming everywhere, isn't it amazing what our awesome God has created? He made the flowers and the bees and the beautiful buterflies. My grandmother was telling me the other day that she walked outside and saw a little humming bird flittering around her head. 

                                            Bye for now, Layla .L.